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About Me

From photons to pixels.


After 15 years of self-employment in my own consulting firm as an architectural lighting designer, an educator in dynamic lighting and as a visual artist, I decided it was time make a move and focus exclusively on the creative process.
This website presents a curated selection of videos of the shows and staging productions I created for different lighting festivals around Europe, Asia and Latin America.
I am currently reading towards a master’s degree in Digital Creation and I'm working on a series of photographic and video works that will be exhibited in the second semester.
In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs whether for projects in current development or for potential future collaborations.

My works in 2 mn

Curriculum vitae

Thirty years ago, I began to work with photons and architecture. Then, I added pixels and movement to my means.

Professional experiences

Yves Moreaux [iv moro]
Visual artist Since 2013

  • – Scenographies & video mapping
  • – 11 International Lighting festivals
  • – Direct spectators: +1.5 million people
Lyon | Dubai | Singapour | Łódź | Hong Kong | Zigong | Quito

dar la luz
Founder and CEO 2004 to 2018

  • – Architectural Lighting Design
  • – Lighting Training (1800 trainees)

Philips Lighting
Lighting designer - Salesman - Operational marketing manager

  • – Lighting Design
  • – Fiber optical & Lighting control expertise


  • Master - Art Scenes and Digital Images
    University Hauts-de-France | Under Way

  • Multimedia Infographist
    ARIES school - Annecy | 2003

  • AFE 1 & AFE 2 - Lighting design
    Lighting French Association - Paris | 1991 & 1992

  • Skills
    Creation | project management | team working | Photography | Video editing | Post production | 2D graphic design | Motion design | HTML | Lighting Design | Dynamic lighting | DMX | Adobe suite | GarageBand | After Effects | ColorPlay3 | Pharos Designer | Resolume | Office Suite


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